Moments of Necessary Pause  

In the face of yet another fire in California, I send out my prayers to all those who may be in the path and wish for their safety and security. Just as we are still integrating from one event, another comes to the present.


The world around us is swift as the wind beneath us heats up in chaos and fire. Let us send out cooling vibrations, place water at the four corners of our alters to contain her rage, and call for the calming of winds to appease the wildness of our beloved Nature.


And as the observer, empathizer, how are you maintaining your center?


Valuing your Moments of Pause is one of the most important ways we can cultivate our energetic and emotional stamina.


Imagine yourself in any of these scenarios:

You're in the middle of a project or work deadline, your timeline is ticking, you haven't eaten in several hours or haven't slept enough last couple days, your phone has been ringing, one call after another, how so you sit and write a legal brief, marketing copy, your next newsletter...

You're moving between client work and computer work, for hours and now its time to be with your loved ones.


How often do you think: “I should take a break and refresh my mind and energy to be more efficient in completing this task or to be more present with my partner or children, myself”.


How many of us wait till we are exhausted to take a break?

Even more, how many of us push right through, keeping going until we get to what we feel is complete. And does it ever complete?

How many of us turn off the bodily notifications of hunger, thirst, need for sleep, need to take a break from mental or emotional exhaustion?


Sometimes we have no choice but to push through. Lets reserve those times for emergencies. In the meantime, developing your wealth of well-being is the greatest gift you can continue to give yourself each day.


On Tuesday night I joined some of our professional colleagues and we went to go see Tim Storey, an inspirational speaker, pastor and a deeply loving humanitarian individual. He introduced a lovely woman named Patrice Washington who shared her story of WEALTH and how the definition of wealth has shifted from its original meaning of WELL BEING to Money. This definition has a huge part of why we keep drudging along, ignoring the peace of mind we need to feel good, to Be as we Do.


If it were all to go up in flames tomorrow, what are you left with today? Where can you bring in moments of pause during your day?


Call in your gratitude for nothing can be taken for granted. Remember to share your love, in words, actions and the stranger as well as your lover, parent and child. Trust in the challenges for they are medicine that pave the way to your next level of greatness.


With all my Love, Innocence and Gratitude for this day and the coming days.. there is goodness in each moment when we are awake and present to be present with one another.




P.S.  Have you downloaded Invocation yet? please do and sing to Mother Nature with me. 



pause to breathe in with coolness​

PRIYA deepika

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