I celebrate & honor the sacred energies of the Feminine Divine

Through her blessings may we be blessed to receive the fruit of our efforts in creativity, purpose and abundance.


Enjoy this Gift, my Seva and devotional offering join me for this powerful time of practice and devotion. Click here to  RSVP and receive daily inspirations, practice guides, and deep authentic insight into the ancient Devi lineages of South India.


Each day you'll receive a mantra or melody for your daily practices.Each evening we'll gather LIVE during Navaratri for Devi Puja- an offering of devotion to the Goddess through light, smell, sound, touch and taste.


  • Create Intention Focus and Time to  develop deeper into your personal practice and devotional offerings
  • Understand the distinction of energy, power and attributes of the Goddess, Devi Bhagavati
  • Learn authentic prayers, mantras and melodies in the SriVidya lineage
  • Integrate new content into your personal morning practice
  • Join me virtually each night to listen, participate and sing along to various mantra and melodies.


Schedule: RSVP for updates


  • Sept 21- 29, 2017 Navaratri Nine Nights
  • 6am-7am Morning Sunrise practice, on your own
  • 6pm-7pm Evening Sunset practice, join me virtually
  • Sept 30, 2017 VijayaDasami, Celebratory Tenth Day


To Prepare:


  • Create your own alter to the Great Mother, the Feminine Divine, Mama Earth calling from your own lineage and those of inspiration to you
  • Ignite a candle or oil lamp to offer Light
  • Burn Incense, Wood or Essence for Smell
  • Sing a Mantra, Devotional Melody or Chant for Sound
  • Place a Flower to Offer your Alter for Touch
  • Offer Fruit, Rice, Nuts or Seeds to your alter to absorb the energy as Prasadam for Taste


Sharing and Unity:


We are so blessed to be in diverse community, aware and privileged to experience the Feminine Divine across lineages. Lets bring Her in together and celebrate in the Universal One that we are. I welcome and invite you to share your offerings on the event page, share videos, fb lives and audio recordings of your musings, inspirations and songs. 


Any questions? Email me at priya@harmonicculture.com 



Mantra & Melodies for Navaratri, 9 Nights of the Goddess​

PRIYA deepika

What are your current intentions for what you are creating? Share them here with Priya Deepika Mohan live as we celebrate Mantra & Melodies for Navaratri, 9 Nights of the Goddess​.


Mantra & Melodies for Navaratri: Nine nights of Invoking the Feminine Divine


You are invited to an ancient tradition of celebrating the nine forms of Mother Goddess bringing balance between Light and Dark, and getting to know the eternal energy, Shakti that lives within and all around. 


Shakti is the link between the worlds of our being with breath and sound as conduits for energy to move into our awareness and experience. From Shakti, the feminine rises into form bringing through all aspects of manifestation, qualities and expression through form. 


Navaratri celebrates the nine forms of the feminine divine, from the perfection of innocence to knowledge and prosperity to the fierce protection of her children. She is celebrated as her 1008 names from the Sri Lalita Sahasranama, Durga Devi, Lalita Tripura Sundari, Kamakshi Devi, Maha Kundalini, ParaShakti are recited and invoking her presence and protection.


The many faces of the Mother Goddess are as distinctive as the regional and linguistic practices and emphasis representing the diversity of Hindu and Yogic cultures across the South Asian diaspora. 


Over the last few years, I’ve grown a personal relationship with the Autumn Navaratri as this time of year is a time of rebirthing for me. With the close of summer I tend to take account of the activities from the year and structure how I want to approach my remaining commitments on ongoing projects.


This is a time of purification, activation, healing and creativity. Whenever I surrender into the arms of my practice, especially through yoga and mantra, singing in this practice is powerfully transformative.


Two years ago during this time is when I walked into the studio with my producer as we began to lay down the structure for my songs, moving from the ambient esoteric to greater form and distinction. This creative process is the ultimate dance of Shiva and Shakti, moving from energy to form. In fact, the first song of my album Invocation was literally born out of the energy of Navaratri, invoking her names, sweetness of energy and the devotion that sets the tone for the album. 








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