We are in week 3 of our Campaign and our theme is Shield of Protection, the 2nd track on the album. When I wrote this song it was simply a stream of consciousness while I was driving through LA traffic, an antidote for anxiety.​

I've struggled with anxiety and would get panic attacks after living in New York City during 9/11. Thereafter moments of time and space crunches, like I was running late or having to get somewhere through traffic would induce feelings of panic. I learned to sing through the anxiety, creating the medicine melodies for my mind, body and heart to calm and find easy again.  


The last 10 years of my life as an attorney and a sound healer have shaped how I self-soothe with my Voice.  And now I lead people through an experience of how they can self-soothe with their own Voice.


Most recently I visited my law school and had the opportunity to work with my professor's law clinic, providing relief for stress for lawyers that work with refugee children. I led and we sang together as we journeyed into emotional realms of the work. My intention was to empty the heaviness of their responsibility, to come back to gratitude for the effort, forgive and become whole when there is so much at stake. Everyone felt relaxed and refreshed, connected to one another and renewed their energy level.


Supporting this campaign supports a music project that is devoted to Self-Care, Appreciation and In Service to humanity. Music and the Voice are gateway to our higher consciousness and deeper awareness. Please click below and Learn how you can pledge to experience music and sound healing for personal & collective empowerment. 

Empower The Space Of Your Reality​

PRIYA deepika

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

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