We begin the journey of ‘Hear In My Heart’ with an Invocation.


Invocation is the first song of the album, creating a container with a dedication prayer and gratitude to the feminine divine, the Mother Goddess, Durga.

Invocation marks the beginning as we call Her in and send out sonic waves of devotion to all the forms of Shakti, energy that lives within and around us. Invocation is also a dedication to our physical Mother, the Earth or Bhoomi Ma, all of her children, all living things.


The words come from the vedic scriptures on the Goddess, naming her many forms as she appears aAnd particularly important, this song is a dedication to the feminine divine living in human form-- to women, mothers, daughters and the bringing awareness to state of the world where we still need to see balance in the treatment and humanity of women and girls.


As you watch this video, tune into the greater context of how we can be in right relationship with the feminine divine, the earth, mothers and children. Where we need to have more awareness of issues that impact women and girls, such as human trafficking, child-marriages & prostitution, mortality, health and wellness for mothers and babies. Empowering.

'Hear in My Heart' - Behind the music -TRACK#1: Invocation.

PRIYA deepika

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

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