Appreciating the abundance of being on tour and practicing what it takes to give Voice to my Calling

Giving Voice to Prosperity


As I write today I am filled with immense gratitude of how abundance graces my life and existence. to support my music and educational offerings has awakened the shy behind-the-scenes girl into owning the gifts I am offering in the world. The energy from sharing my music and educational offerings at Wanderlust Festivals has been tremendous! And what's weaving is embodied Voice education.


It is with gratitude I welcome the prosperity, for wealth, health, abundance, flow, ease that graces my life.After the last several years of playing in the field of offering music and sound healing, I've learned to adapt vocal sound healing into a variety of contexts.


* I'm showcasing my debut album, Hear in My Heart, by highlighting the sound roots and raaga into the performance of each song on the album, inviting listeners into the depth of the music.


* Sharing practices through workshops and offering Private 1 to 1 sessions via guided sound meditation and Vocal coaching* Playing as a vocalist, musician and sound facilitator during Yoga classes and Ecstatic Dance journeys.


* Offering business-marketing training connecting mind-body awareness with giving voice to your message and branding.


*Facilitating vocal sound journeys to connect mind-body awareness with giving voice to your sensuality and pleasure.


* Facilitating integrative sound journeys for professional groups like executive women, attorneys and human rights advocates to support them in decreasing stress, let go of mental & emotional strain and recharge their nervous system.


How would you could create your unique experience of sound healing for your voice?


 In 2 weeks we complete the crowdfunding campaign and I begin part II of my tour, up the West Coast offering music and sound journeys for a variety of audiences including Wanderlust Festival, Tribalize and communities in Mt. Shasta, Ashland, Portland, Orcas Island. is about supporting a container for Music as Wellness and Sound as Medicine. Hear in My Heart is a musical backdrop to the Sound journey and experience of embodying and giving Voice to your Truth. This is a collaborative endeavor to bring sound healing to audiences and empowering venues for social healing and community development. Please join me as I sing to the finish line.Please share this with your social media and network and follow me . Lets continue to share the goodness of giving Voice to future we all want to live into.I love you and appreciate your support! thank you!!

Campaign Highlights 

PRIYA deepika

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